Institutional arrangement

Arpa’s institutional arrangement, described below, was designed to establish a broad partnership between the government and civil society for the program implementation and management.

The various program bodies are the following:  the decision body (Program Committee); consultation bodies (Scientific Advisory Panel and Technical Forum); coordination agencies (the Environment Ministry’s Biodiversity and Forest Secretariat and Protected Areas Department (DAP)/Program Coordination Unit); technical implementation (PA management agencies); and financial implementation (Funbio).




Coordination:  by the Ministry of the Environment’s Biodiversity and Forest Secretariat (SBF/MMA). Its powers are the following:

  • Lead the Program according to the interests of the Brazilian society and in a participatory way, with its institutional partners.
  • To be in charge of the strategic and institutional coordination of the Program.
  • Promote the articulation between Arpa and the National Environmental Policy and other federal government’s actions pertaining to the Amazon.
  • Coordinate fund raising efforts for Arpa.
  • Ensure a qualified technical and administrative team, with enough members in it, to perform the executive steering of the Program through a unit exclusively assigned to this task – UCP.

Financial implementation: performed by the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio). Read Funbio’s powers on page 22 of the Arpa Operational Handbook.

Technical implementation: performed by the protected areas’ management agencies, in the various scopes, and by civil society organizations, through partnerships established to achieve the Program goals and targets. Read the powers from ICMBio and the state PA management agencies on page 20 of the Arpa Operational Handbook.

Technical Cooperation:  participants include WWF-Brazil and the German Government, through GiZ (the German international cooperation agency). Their powers are:

  • To provide technical cooperation and assistance to Arpa actors and bodies in order to achieve the Program targets.