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Brazilian Government establishes new financial arrangement to Arpa Program

The Brazil’s Ministry of Environment (MMA) carries out on May 21, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of Arpa, which formalizes the construction of a new financing strategy for the protected areas (PAs) supported by Amazon Protected Areas Program (Arpa). The document represents the beginning of a new phase of the program and ensures the allocation of financial resources of approximately 215 million dollars to be deposited into a transition fund that will ensure, over the next 25 years, the permanent maintenance of 60 million hectares of PAs supported by Arpa. The MOU will be signed at 10:30 a.m, at Naoum Plaza, in Brasília.

This is a result of the Initiative “Arpa for life – Commitment to the Amazon”, launched in 2012 during Rio+20. The project represents an innovative effort to ensure the sustainability of PAs Program, which covers 15% of the Brazilian Amazon. Through the creation, expansion, and strengthening of PAs, Arpa combines the conservation and promotion of regional socioeconomic development.

The document will be signed by the Brazilian Environment Minister, Izabella Teixeira, and representatives of the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), the Ministry for the German Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB),  the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, WWF- Brazil, WWF U.S. and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

About Arpa

Arpa is a federal program, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment (MMA), and considered the single largest tropical forest conservation program in history. The Program was created in 2002 through an innovative arrange among Federal Government, Amazonian State Agencies, Private institutions and civil society of 60 million hectares or 15% of the Brazilian Amazon territory – an area equivalent to the size of Spain – through the creation, expansion and strengthening of protected areas (PAs) management.

Also it was created aiming the expansion and strengthen of the National System of Conservation Units (Snuc) in the Amazon and to provide financial resources for the management of their PAs and promote sustainable development in the Amazon.

Currently, the program supports 95 PAs, corresponding to 128 milion acres/52 million hectares. Protected areas supported by the program are benefited with goods, works and contracting services needed for the realization of integration with the surrounding communities, the formation of the management counsel, management plans, and other actions necessary for its proper operation.

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* Published on June 04 (2014)