Component 2: Protected areas implementation and management

Goal: To shape the PAs included in the Arpa Program to fulfill its basic purposes, promoting the integrated and participaty management and developing the managerial skills of the teams in charge of the PA management.

Subcomponent 2.1 – Implementation of Protected Areas

Goal: To support the implementation of protected areas included in the Arpa Program through the efficient allocation of resources contributing to the continuous evolution process of PA management.

Target: To implement 32 million hectares of protected areas in the Amazon biome (23 million hectares in degree I and 9 hectares in degree II of implementation), out of which 6.5 million hectares correspond to pre-existing PAs which had no previous support from the Program.

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Subcomponent 2.2 – Protected Areas Management Models

Goal:  To promote the implementation of innovative management models in protected areas, including integrated, shared and participatory management, aiming at increasing the effectiveness in biodiversity protection, land management and resource use.

Target: implement 5 management models.

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Subcomponent 2.3 – Integration of human communities

Goal: To strengthen local organizations and human communities  living around or within  Arpa PAs, while promoting their access to public and private policies, programs and funds for the sustainable use of natural resources in the protected areas.

Target: To support up to 30 PAs (one action plan per PA).

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Subcomponent 2.4 – Capacity Building in Protected Area Management

Goal: To support capacity building in protected area management for teams and partners involved with PA planning and management.

Target: To implement the Strategic Capacity Building Plan

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