Component 3: Financial sustainability

Goal: To develop and implement financial mechanisms and others capable of generating income and provide resources for upkeep of the protected areas supported by Arpa in the long term.

Subcomponent 3.1 –  Protected Areas Fund (FAP) Management

Goal: To establish a financial mechanism to provide the PAs financial sustainability in the long run for the PAs which were implemented within the Arpa scope.

Targets: To operate the FAP Fund, initiating the support to the maintenance of the PAs which are implemented in degree II.  Achieve US$ 70 million total donations during the 2nd Phase of Arpa.  This amount includes the donations during the 1st phase of the Program (US$ 24.28 million).

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Subcomponent 3.2 – Income generation for Protected Areas

Goals: To deepen the knowledge on the economic aspects of protected areas in the Amazon — including costs, financial needs and economic impacts –, carry out studies and support the implementation of additional and innovative alternatives for income generation for the PAs.

Targets: To support 6 strategic studies, 6 financial sustainability plans for the PAs, and 3 income generation pilot subprojects.

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