Further information Subcomponent 2.2

Arpa will support the planning and the implementation of five management models, in blocks of protected areas. If the option is integrated management, there will be support for mosaic creation activities.  At the end of this subcomponent implementation there will be an effectiveness assessment of the supported management models.

Criteria and procedures

 The proposals submitted to analysis should have at least one PA included in Arpa.  The management agencies which are Arpa partners and wish to propose support for a block of PAs should send the request to the Program Executive Unit (UCP), together with a file on the protected areas composing the proposed block and the action justification.

The file should include the PAs location; scope of management (federal, state or municipal government); description of the specific goals for creation; environmental, social and/or scenic relevance; conservation priority – according to the federal government guidelines; threat degree; number of staff members; budget sources; average annual budget; and who is in charge of leading the activities of that set of PAs.