Further information Subcomponent 3.1

Subcomponent 3.1 supports two lines of action.  The former is related to the operation of FAP, an endowment (trust) fund with permanent capitalization, which was created during Arpa´s 1st Phase, with the purpose of ensuring the necessary funds for the management and protection processes, in the long run, for the protected areas which had achieved degree II implementation . The latter refers to raising more resources for this fund.

Creation of FAP Fund by the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) is legally supported by art. 27, XV, “c” of the Law 10,683/2003, art. 2, IV c/c art. 6, VI, XIII in the Law 6,938/81, allowing practical applicability to art. 225 of the Federal Constitution. It is an endowment fund, from which only the real revenues of the deposited capital are to be invested in the protected areas.  This feature ensures the Fund in perpetuity.

FAP is characterized by public policy and public interest.  For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment is its creator and also its protector.  Funbio is in charge of the financial implementation of Arpa and manages the FAP.

The documents creating, implementing and regulating FAP are the following: (i) Technical Cooperation Agreement for FAP implementation (Federal government-Funbio); (ii) Funbio’s Statutes (official document which creates and registers the NGO and authorizes the creation and implementation of similar funds); (iii) FAP’s bylaws; and (iv) FAP’s Operational Handbook.

FAP needs sufficient funds to fulfill its goal of supporting the maintenance of the PAs which have achieved degree II implementation in Arpa.  Up to this date, FAP received the following donations:


From GEF/World Bank                US$14,500,000

From WWF-Brazil                         US$7.782.204

From O Boticário                          US$1.000.000

From Natura                                  US$1.000.000

From Germany/KfW                    €20.000.000


Total amount:  BR$ 116 million (FAP status on April 30, 2012, exchange rate of May 16, 2012)

For Arpa´s 2nd Phase the donation target is to achieve a total of US$ 70 million, counting the donations in the 1st Phase but without taking into account the revenues from the fund’s financial applications.

In order to achieve this target, subcomponent 3.1 supports the design and implementation of a fund raising strategy, joining the efforts from the Federal Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the technical cooperation, Arpa donors and governmental organizations (GOs).