Interview with FAP donors

Confidence in Brazil: An interview with Hubert Eisele, German Development Bank (KfW), Senior Manager of Tropical Forest Project











The German Development Bank (KfW) is the top donor of the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (Arpa), as well as of the Brazilian Environment Ministry, and the Protected Areas Fund (FAP).  The interview with the senior manager of the Tropical Forest Projects, Hubert Eisele, proves the German government confidence in the Brazilian public policies for Amazon Forest preservation.

What is the relevance of KfW investing in the Arpa Program and FAP, in Brazil?

The Arpa Program, which includes FAP as an essential component, aims at ensuring the conservation of a representative sample of the Amazon biome biological diversity and the maintenance of ecological services in the region, through the support to the expansion and consolidation of the National Protected Areas System. This program represents an important instrument of the Brazilian government for the fulfillment of the international commitments made in the National Climate Change Plan and the National Biodiversity Policy.

Besides the funding for the 1st Phase, which amounts to 17.7 million Euros, German Cooperation continues supporting the Brazilian Government efforts to reach the targets of the 2nd Phase, which has just begun.  The support is given through KfW and totals 40 million Euros (20 million for Arpa and 20 million for FAP Fund).  The reason for this support is that German Cooperation is convinced that this project will have a very positive effect in fighting deforestation, as well as in preserving the biological diversity.

What is the future of this partnership with Arpa?

German Cooperation, through the German Development Bank (KfW), is a mighty partner for Arpa since the beginning of the Program in 2003.  With the new agreements signed for the 2nd Phase, KfW continues to be a trustworthy and experienced partner of the Brazilian Government for the coming years, in the Environment and Tropical Forest sector.  Besides those two projects, KfW funds other projects in the forest sector and total funding is near 215 million Euros.


WWF – Brazil

Mauro Armelin

Amazon Program Leader

“One of Arpa’s main virtues is its participatory administration.  This Council of Donors is not just a donor of funds; it also helps to develop a governance system. We have just designed the bylaws of FAP Fund, together with the government, one non-governmental organization, one bilateral cooperation agency, and private business companies.  This Council is not merely a donor of funds, but also of experiences, to exchange ideas.   One does not just see the results, but rather participates in the results.”


Boticario Foundation Group

Ceres Louise Bertelli Gabardo

Institutional Development Manager

“We believe that contributing to the preservation of protected areas means to make a difference, to contribute to leave a legacy for future generations.  The protected areas need funds for protection, patrolling, management plans, capacity building, and projects with the communities in their surroundings.  FAP Fund is there to contribute for the achievement of those goals.  Because we manage two management areas, one of them in the Atlantic Forest and the other one in the Cerrado, we are quite aware of the difficulties to reach those targets.”



Renata Puchala

Social Diversity Manager

“We wish to protect the social and environmental riches. Arpa Program and FAP Fund actually have a fantastic impact in the Amazon, valuing the biological diversity and the traditional knowledge, in line with that which is expected by Natura from sustainable development.  Arpa is able to unite those who wish to make the economy based on a standing forest become viable.  And this is even truer today, when other activities determining the development of that region turn out to be very predatory.”