Program Comitee (CP)

Arpa highest level of power. It is a deliberative (decision making) body and it is composed of the government and the civil society, with equal representation. Read further:

The Program Committee is the Arpa’s highest level of power.  It is a deliberative body composed of the government and the civil society, with equal representation.


  • Approve the Program action strategies.
  • Design the implementation procedures and guidelines.
  • Approve the Conservation and Investment Strategy parameters.
  • Approve the implementation budget upper limits (POAs).
  • Supervise Arpa implementation.
  • Render official and supervise the Program’s agreements and contracts.
  • Analyze and decide on the strategic recommendations by other Program bodies, based on the UCP’s report.
  • Assess and report on the technical and financial viability of planning proposals, and follow up and monitor the Program’s progress concerning its targets.
  • Stand up, before the Program bodies, for the guiding principles to be observed in the practices of social organizations involved in social and environmental issues in the Amazon.
  • Act jointly in the efforts for monitoring the Program implementation and fund raising.





The representatives from the states and their substitutes are nominated by the Brazilian States’ Environmental Agencies Association (Abema).

The environmental NGOs nominate their representatives and substitutes, chosen from those who are registered in the National Environmental Agencies Register (CNEA) and who are able to show evidence of their work in the Amazon region.

Funbio’s representative is nominated by Funbio’s Executive Secretary.

The private donors’ representative is nominated by the group of donors.

Representatives, and their substitutes, from the organizations which are members of the Program Committee are nominated by the Minister of the Environment, through specific administrative decree.