The Protected Areas Fund

A relevant innovative element of the Arpa Program in its 1st Phase (2003-2010) was the creation of the Protected Areas Fund (FAP).  FAP is an endowment (donation) fund, and only the revenues from the principal deposited in the fund are used to cover the recurrent expenditures of the PAs implemented by Arpa, protection activities, PAs operation and the maintenance of the PAs management boards.

FAP is characterized as a public policy, and of public interest, and this is the reason it was created by the Environment Ministry.  As Arpa’s financial agent, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) is in charge of FAP’s financial implementation.

This fund was created to provide an important support mechanism to the financial sustainability of the PAs which are supported by Arpa, to complement the budget from the government and be a pilot case for the National Protected Areas System (SNUC).

The funds raised for FAP and the revenues they yielded were not used until 2011, following FAP’s capitalization and structure building strategy. During Arpa’s 2nd Phase (2010-2015), it is expected that FAP will receive around US$ 45.72 million worth of donations and reach the total of US$ 70 million, which will add to the donations received in the 1st Phase; the figures do not take into account the financial revenues from FAP.

Further information may be found in FAP’s Operational Handbook and Bylaws.

The minutes on FAP meetings are available on the website’s library.

Please read the media news on FAP’s launching.