Protected Areas with Arpa support

Presently Arpa includes around 52 million hectares, which are distributed among 95 federal and state protected areas.  Besides those, support is also given to 17 PAs which are under creation (6 million hectares).

Whether they are strict protection or sustainable use areas, the PAs with Arpa support protect the ecosystems which are considered as key for Amazon’s integrity and its social and biological diversity.

The Program’s financial resources reach the protected areas as assets, consulting and other services which make it possible to carry out the inherent activities to PA management.

In order to facilitate the daily work of PA managers, Funbio created the ‘linked account’, which is sort of a joint (bank) account of Funbio and the PA which is supported by Arpa.  This account is used to pay for small daily expenses and it is automatically supplied with more funds whenever it is accounted for.