Scientific Advisory Panel (PCA)

Technical advisory body for themes related to biodiversity and protected areas; the members meet on the Program’s demand.  Besides UCP members, Funbio and Technical Cooperation participate in the meetings.


  • Recommend the improvement of methodologies used to identify priority areas for the creation of protected areas, within the scope of the Program.
  • Analyze and validate the Conservation and Investment Strategy selection proposals.
  • Design, analyze and validate biodiversity monitoring guidelines and criteria, including their follow up.
  • Look into future scenarios for the Program, in relation to biodiversity conservation new themes and knowledge.


Five permanent experts in biodiversity and/or protected areas, and occasional ad hoc advisors – invited according to the addressed theme and elected by vote by the Program Committee. Being an advisory body, PCA should provide reports to clearly defend its points of view, concerning the risks and benefits in the studied scenarios for the Program, regardless of the conversion of ideas.  The reports will be a contribution to CP in its decision making process.